Student Entrepreneurialism and Sweet Treats

A friend of mine had the genius idea of running a market for all the creatives in our lovely city. We set up a Facebook event and started looking for stallholders. Some amazing people and amazing goods suddenly appeared on my horizon. Many of these people are students at Rhodes University who are using their skills and business savvy to make cash while they study. These aren’t just tiny businesses either – student entrepreneurialism is alive and kicking!

I sat down with one of our student entrepreneurs to talk about her business. Bronwyn Pretorius started her business out of sheer boredom during the November examinations last year. Bake to Basics is run out of her digs kitchen and acts as a hobby while she studies towards an Honours Degree in Psychology. Bronwyn grew up cooking and enjoys the kitchen – but admits that the science of baking is sometimes challenging. This challenge is heightened with an untrustworthy digs oven. She finds her inspiration from her mother and the business, Piece of Cake, that she runs in Cape Town.

Bronwyn takes custom orders and bakes a multitude of delicious treats, including: cakes, biscuits, and cupcakes. The pictures on her Facebook page will bring on some serious cravings; even for the die-hard dieter. I think one of the more interesting facets of her business is that she is willing to accommodate people’s diverse dietary requirements. There is a severe lack of these kinds of sweet treats in retail establishments. If you are lactose intolerant or you choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle, it can be a depressing and sugarless world out there. Another facet to her business is making and packaging holiday-specific treats. Just before Valentine’s Day this year she was selling some heart-shaped treats made from rice crispies and decorated with chocolate. She has plans for Easter and Halloween too. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Her mom can’t either – she ‘borrowed’ Bronwyn’s idea and recipe for the Valentine’s Day treats.

Bronwyn started this business because she couldn’t possibly eat all the things she bakes, but this isn’t a problem – there are definitely people out there who are willing to help her out. You can contact her from her Facebook page or you can find her at the SupUrban Market on 4 March.

Bake to Basics on Facebook


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