Capturing Real Moments with Evanescent Photography

We live in the age of social media frenzy. Photo albums are no longer a dusty pile of books in the back of a cupboard. Photos are no longer taken by old-school cameras and developed from film. Things are now instantaneous and easy to share. Facebook, blogs, and Instagram document our lives with perfect digital realism (or hyper-realism, if you scratch the surface). Photographs have, therefore, become a huge part of our lives – a far cry from human experience before 1826.

In a world of mobile phones, selfies, filters, Instagram, and Photoshop, Lara Salomon loves the natural and sometimes imperfect moments that we share. Her philosophy is that sometimes the perfect photograph can be a beautiful mistake. This philosophy drives her to take candid photographs. Her aim is capturing real moments, real conversations, and real emotions. This doesn’t mean she won’t magic-away your double chin if you ask her to, but it really isn’t her preference. To this end, she also prefers to photograph people in environments that they love instead of under the bright lights and clinical whiteness of the studio.

Lara started her business, Evanescent Photography, almost seven years ago. She had bought herself a good camera while teaching English in Korea. On her return to Grahamstown, she started taking professional photography as a bit of a hobby and a creative outlet. Six and a half years on, Lara still has a day job, but uses her spare time to photograph events, weddings and studio portraits. She charges very reasonable rates too. I balked at the figure she gave me for a wedding photographer in Cape Town.

If you are looking for a photographer I advise that you browse through Evanescent Photography’s portfolio on either Facebook or the Evanescent Photography Website.

Evanescent Photography on Facebook

Evanescent Photography Website


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