A little Bohemian Crochet Chic

Rue and Trish are changing perceptions and mindsets. First, in terms of the fact that crocheting is the activity of a bygone era. Second, that crocheting is all about doilies. Third, that modern, independent and educated women should reject these sorts of ‘feminine’ activities in an act of feminism. Fourth, and this is the funniest, that students are lazy.

These amazing young women started BohoChic as a side-project to their studies. Trish is currently studying fourth year Law and Rue is doing an Honours in English Literature. They crochet after all the varsity work is done at the end of the day or squeeze it in during their walk to and from lectures. Filling a niche in the fashion market, they have built quite a business empire. They sell their garments online to people all over South Africa, but it doesn’t end there. They have a successful YouTube channel with weekly DIY tutorials and they are currently launching a skills development and upliftment project in Grahamstown. As of today, they have 3 939 likes on Facebook, 7 079 followers on Instagram, 29 107 views on YouTube and 1 858 followers on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, BohoChic was trending on Twitter earlier this year. In addition, they plan to use their crochet skills to launch a home decor line this year.  All of this is pretty impressive for a small business started in a university res room.

Their garments are both bohemian and modern. BohoChic’s aesthetic includes using ochre and earthy tones in their tops and swimwear. Their clothes are made for real women, with real bodies. Their mission is aligned to the #blackgirlsaremagic movement and they want to encourage and inspire young women to start their own small businesses. It seems that they are well on their way to realizing this goal. I advise that you watch this space; BohoChic is an amazing black, female-owned businiess and it is still growing.  To find out more or shop online, you can explore the following links:-

BohoChic on Instagram

BohoChic on Facebook

BohoChic on Twitter

BohoChic on YouTube

Shop BohoChic Online






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