Farmsteading with Clayton Manor

Farmsteading is not a new idea, but it is gaining popularity with the rise of the artisanal movement and within the millennial generation. It is the practice of producing food and other goods to become self-sufficient, as well as, to sell to a local market. The practice is aligned with goal of seeking a meaningful, back-to-basics and … Continue reading Farmsteading with Clayton Manor


Bespoke Creations by Castim Furniture

I have complained here (and elsewhere) before about the fact that in the modern age, good quality furniture is hard to find and underappreciated. In a small urban centre like Grahamstown, the search for furniture that is on-trend, well-made, and inexpensive is like the search for the holy grail. Castim furniture (pronounced 'custom' with the classic South … Continue reading Bespoke Creations by Castim Furniture