Ubunye – bringing communities together

The Ubunye Foundation was established in 2002 with the goal of empowering local communities. Founded by Kwandwe Private Game Reserve, the Non-Profit Organisation had the goal of driving and supporting rural development. Initially, the foundation sought to support staff who needed to acquire new skills as the transition from traditional farming to the hospitality and … Continue reading Ubunye – bringing communities together


Rag dolls make a return with CuddlesomeCuties

Rag dolls are some of the oldest-documented children's toys in human history. In direct contrast with their plastic and mass-produced counterparts in the modern age, these dolls are made by hand from scraps of material or rags. Each doll is, therefore, unique and made with love and care. Sharon, owner and creative behind CuddlesomeCuties, is … Continue reading Rag dolls make a return with CuddlesomeCuties